Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Starting Over

Hi there, it's me, Kat.  You might remember me.  I used to blog over here.  3 Bedroom Bungalow was my labor of love for well over 4 years and then I took a break.  Then the break turned into an extended holiday.  Then the holiday turned into months of no posts.  Then I swore off blogging.  Then I realized I missed blogging.  I missed having my space where I could share all my stories with you.

I almost put up a new post at The Bungalow.  Then something stopped me.  It just didn't feel right.  It isn't me anymore.  I mean, it's me, but there is a different me. Kinda. Sorta. 

I still have the two girls; KiKi is now nearly 8 and LaLa is 10.  I still have the husband.  I still have Mr Tibbs the cat and Elizabeth the dog.  I still live in the UK.  I am still a military wife.  I still have the most amazing crap luck of anyone I have ever met.  However, I am much happier and much more thankful for my amazing life. 

This is the new me.  I hope you will let me entertain you with my stories. I am just bursting to tell them all to you.


  1. So glad you stared to blog again. I thought about it but just haven't gotten to the point of putting fingers-to-keyboard yet.