Wednesday, 18 June 2014

My New Favorite Thing- Bullet Journaling

For those who know me, they know my life is at best organized chaos.  What kind of ninja lives in organized chaos? This one.  However with my kids now being in American schools (although we still live in England. Don't worry, you're not getting rid of us that easily.) we now have a summer holiday that lasts for TWO WHOLE MONTHS.  Seriously, let that sink in for a moment.  This amount of family bonding time can seriously cause even the most organized Mary Poppins type mother who has a million activities to occupy the kids to run for the hills screaming or at least be found huddled on the kitchen floor on a Wednesday evening clutching a bottle of vodka and muttering about the little monsters tracking dirt in on her freshly mopped floors.  Ahem, not that I have ever done anything of the sort.  Recently.

As the summer holiday was approaching I could feel myself just dreading it.  How was I going to keep all my meeting times for Girl Scouts, tasks, kids activities, birthday parties and holidays straight?  Well, my solution was found with my Northern Guardian Angel, Nickie.  As I was scanning through my new twitter feed (Yes, that has moved as well.) I noticed her mention something called Bullet Journaling.  I out of curiosity clicked the link and found her talking about a new method of organization that she is using called Bullet Journaling.

All I have to say is that Bullet Journaling just may have saved my summer.  All of a sudden I know exactly what I need to do without having to find all the little post-it note lists that I have laying about the house. My grocery lists, meal plans, meeting notes and random bits of information I need are in one small notebook in an organized manner.  I even have been able to plan my 8 year old's birthday party without pulling out my hair this year. 

Before I keep ranting and raving how amazing Bullet Journaling is, go check out the official Bullet Journaling website.  Oh and I forgot to mention the best part.  It's free.  All you need is a pen and a notebook. 

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  1. "Bullet Journalling Saved My Life."
    I want that next to "Northern Guardian Angel" on my headstone, OK?