Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Excuse Me Young Women, We Need to Have A Talk About Feminism

I am a feminist.

I believe that women should have all the opportunities that men do.  I hate the gender segregation of the toy industry.  The aisle of pink in the toys stores makes my blood boil. I read about gender issues.  I teach my daughters that they have value; not for the fact that they are "pretty" but because they are people and people matter.  ALL PEOPLE.

So when I saw a young woman at a bar on the Air Force base wearing a shirt that proclaimed that she was "Property of (insert her boyfriends name here)", I inwardly cringed for womankind.  What kind of world do we live in when young ladies think it is cool to declare their love for a man by proclaiming that they are his property?

Young ladies, you are not property.  Property is something that can be bought, sold, passed along and discarded.  Can you be bought, sold, passed along and discarded?  Do you feel that is what you are worth?  Are you not better than this?

I thought not.  Know better.  Do better. 

Uplift yourself.  Uplift other women.  Do not buy into the media.  You are worth more that your looks or who you are dating.  You are worth something because you are you. You are a woman and you are not property.


  1. I was in a toy store only the other day and although they weren't selling Barbies, the amount of "girls" toys that were covered in pink and glitter was nauseating.
    Welcome back BTW.

  2. Being Married for 19 years this angers me Also, the only who's Property I am is God's!

  3. *nods in agreement*

    We don't need to get into some 'women are better than men' war, but we are equals! He doesn't own me, and I don't own him. It's time we tried to get society on board with that.

    And welcome back :)

  4. When I see things like that it's like I'm looking at another species. There are four very strong-willed girls in our family and although they had pink things growing up, they had blue things, green things, brown things, and whatever else things. It's beyond imagination to even picture one of them choosing to wear a shirt like that. The 16.5 year old has even said she wants to walk down the aisle by herself because she is "no one's to give away." So there's that as well to think about as well in this discussion!

    PS Nice to see you blogging again!

  5. Good to see you back Kat. Mich x